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Lume Books - Long Road To Libya 2nd Edition, RELEASE DATE: 23rd September 2021

I am pleased to announce that the release date for Long Road To Libya 2nd Edition is 23rd September 2021. ​ Lume Books (my new publisher) will be re-releasing my autobiography ‘Long Road To Libya’, as an E-Book and then in Hardback & Paperback in late October. I don’t want anybody to get confused or disappointed, this is the same book as before, only difference being it has a slight editorial update, new foreword by Ollie Ollerton, as well as a new set of pictures and cover. Lume Books wanted to relaunch, to help build the brand prior to subsequent books in the near future! ​ Long Road To Libya 1st Edition is no longer available online. ​ Stay tuned for more updates as how and where to buy my 2nd Edition of 'Long Road To Libya' once available.

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