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Endorsements : Testimonials



Damien Lewis[30387].jpg

"A compelling and riveting account of 'the Red Devils', Britain's iconic Parachute Regiment, from birth to the present day. Glorious. Gripping. Authentic."

Damien Lewis – The Sunday Times Number One Bestselling Author. Writer of numerous books including SAS Band of Brothers.

James Deegan[30378].webp

'Paras In Action Captures the essence of the men of the Parachute Regiment from inception through to current conflicts.'

James Deegan -- Former member of the Parachute Regiment, SAS and author of Once A Pilgrim.

Robin Horsfall[30379].jpg

“A superb, well presented reminder of just how awesome we were - and still are.” 

Robin Horsfall -- 2 Para, 22 SAS and author of Fighting Scared.

Des Powell[30377].jpg

“Jason has managed to capture in it’s entirety the “esprit de corps” of the Parachute Regiment brilliantly. A clear inspiration for future men of the Regiment.

Des Powell -- Co-author of SAS Bravo Three Zero



'An exceptionally well written first novel for the author with a gripping and gritty storyline and most importantly, believable characters. I rarely read fiction but I finished this book in a day. I am looking forward to Jason’s upcoming book on the history of The Parachute Regiment. Congrats to Jason and Sian on a corker of a novel.'


'I really enjoyed this book, it was certainly a page turner with a nice balance of action and romance. There was one part in particular which I found was quite emotive and will be I'm sure for many Brits who go onto read this story. It does not disappoint - a great purchase for anyone into action thrillers!'


'Having read his previous work was looking forward to this and wasn't disappointed great first novel and leaves room for plenty of follow ups.'

Tony Cronin

'Never used to read these types of novels but now I’m hooked - thanks for an interesting read, enjoyed it so much brought another copy for my brother and look forward to what Jason has lined up next.'


'Arrived quickly! The author owes me a night’s sleep, I couldn’t put it down. Well written, punchy, pacy and adventure filled. I cannot wait for the next one.'

Jolene Turner



Damien Lewis

'Riveting. Inspiring. Utterly authentic. From a man who has truly walked the walk.'

Damien Lewis – The Sunday Times Number One Bestselling Author. Writer of numerous books including SAS Band of Brothers.

Ollie Ollerton

'Extraordinary and gripping account of Jason’s time operating in war zones for a part of which, I worked alongside him. Highly recommended if you want a riveting and honest read.'

Ollie Ollerton – SAS Who Dares Wins and Number One Best Selling Author of Break Point & Battle Ready.

phil campion.jpg

'A typical former Paratrooper, Jas was a proper operator and also a great geezer to have around off duty too.'

Phil Campion – Former 22 SAS, TV Personality & Author of Born Fearless.


'Very good read and ties in with other books that I have read like Phil Campion and Ollie Ollertons one's. Many in the military have always thought about going private security and this gives you a great insight into the highs and lows of the job.'

Tony C

'Having served with Jason in numerous Operational Theatres, I am only too aware of his true grit, sense of humour and dedication to duty.
I found this book extremely factual and typical of what I’d expect from someone of his calibre
and experience.
He pulls no punches and says it as it is whether good or bad.
The book is a cracking read and gives a fantastic insight into the mentality of a British Paratrooper turned armed security body guard turned businessman. Prepare to laugh and prepare to respect a man who quite literally has gone the distance the world over and survived.'

Stu B

'First book I've read about life in the Paras, and it did not disappoint. Jason speaks about the reality of life on the frontline. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jason's experiences, brought it home to me, how dangerous a time it is for all those serving or having served.'

Amazon Customer

Endorsements : Testimonials
Endorsements : Testimonials

'A well written insight into the world of security during troubled times and one man’s journey to realise his boyhood dreams. Would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in the military and security services.'


'Finished. Honestly? Amazing. Really, really good. It’s not a book forcing the army down your throat. It’s one mans story of his life experiences till now. I knew about certain events in Afghan but not all and not about the numerous others Jason went though around the world. Very gripping and honest read. 5*.'

David R

'Great read showing Jason’s resilience and determination in the tough world of private security, his mental toughness being built and enhanced through his military training and career.
Completed training with Jason and then came across him later in life though the security industry,

a fantastic guy who is always positive and professional.
Regardless if you have any military or security experience or not, it will provide you with inspiration and shows the tough tide along the way to succeed.'

Amazon Customer

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