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Jason’s speaking style is unique, engaging and thought-provoking. His credibility as a former paratrooper, security industry operator, successful businessman and now an author is undoubtedly compelling and inspiring. Delivered to the audience with a large helping of military dry humour and a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude.

Hear stories of Jason’s journey through life covering his time as a boy soldier, joining the Parachute Regiment, passing
P company, parachute training and his time in 1 Para serving in Northern Ireland where he found himself in the middle of one the fiercest riots West Belfast had seen in over twenty years – operating in a close observation platoon, carrying out surveillance operations against terrorist cells, working closely with the UK special forces and elite police units.

As well as his twenty years in the private security industry known to those who operated in this murky and secret world as
'The Circuit' – how he built a successful security business based in Libya and had the foresight and drive to grow and eventually sell it to a large US firm, whilst always keeping an eye on the future – hear how he stayed one step ahead of both his enemies, his competitors and his peers, as he travelled the world in pursuit of his dreams.

Find out how he was blown up in Afghanistan whilst working as a bodyguard for the European Commissioner – came face to face with the Mujahideen – hear how he was trapped in the middle of one of the largest rocket bombardment and ammunition dump explosions in Iraq – worked with the anti-piracy teams in the Gulf of Aden – operated in the swamps of Sudan – protected clients in the Niger Delta – as well as his time in Libya, where he was one of the first western security operators into the battle of Misrata operating alongside the revolutionary fighters. And how he escaped capture by the skin of his teeth as he found himself stuck in an Al Qaeda checkpoint in Benghazi as it slipped into conflict!

Jason, like everyone, has had his own struggles and is far from perfect; he has made plenty of mistakes and has enjoyed more than his share of drunken escapades over the years, which he has paid the price for! However, life and his journey through it has taught him that everyone has the capacity for incredible personal achievement. With a strong will to succeed and a streak of steely-eyed determination, anything can be achieved.

Please contact us to book Jason as your after dinner or keynote speaker, as well as book signing events.    

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After Dinner Speaking: Video

Radio Interview with The Voice FM

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