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Welcome to my website, where I have embarked on a new journey as an author. Please read on to learn more about my exciting career path, how I eventually arrived at this point in my life, and where you can purchase my books.


I’ve been lucky and I have cheated death on more than one occasion, many have not. You need a bit of luck in life, especially when operating in hostile and remote environments. In everyday life, I take the same view, the difference is here you can make your own luck by pursuing ambitions which may seem unattainable, but which, with vision, drive, hard work and some of that luck, can be achieved. I have learned to push the envelope, think outside the box and not to be held back.


​My personal journey was certainly not without its ups and downs, many of my own making, and lots of hard lessons were learnt along the way. On leaving the Parachute Regiment and embarking on my new career within the private security industry, it was time to grow up fast and face the challenges life was about to throw at me head-on.


Now, in my new career as an author, I am able to call upon many of these experiences to help bring my books to life.


Please read further to join me on my journey and learn more.

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I specialise in military and private security industry genre books.

​I am excited to announce my third book, a non-fiction title called 'Paras In Action' chronicling the History of the Parachute Regiment, through the eyes of those who served, was released on 1st August 2022, timed perfectly for the regiments eightieth birthday.


My first fiction novel ‘Countdown’ is now out! This is the first of a trilogy of books about Rhett Millard, an ex-SAS hero, now operating and earning his living in the murky, dangerous and often deceptive private security sector in Iraq and back home in London.


​My autobiography ‘Long Road To Libya’ was originally released in September 2020 with Troubador Publishing, and then again in paperback with ‘Lume Books’ in September 2021.





A unique inside-out perspective written by a former paratrooper from the ranks. Which contains recollections from serving and former Paras right across the timeline and rank spectrum, from retired high ranking officers, to many former NCOs and private soldiers.


The book covers all the major deployments, operations, conflicts and wars the Paras have been involved in over the last eighty years, including the amazing story of the battle for Plaman Mapu, one of the most bravely fought engagements of the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation, described for the first time with first-hand accounts from those who were there.


A brand-new gripping account of the daring jungle rescue, ‘Op Barras’, in Sierra Leone, told this time through the eyes of the Paras who fought alongside the SAS. With two sets of dramatic pictures which depict the journey the Paras have been on thus far.


This book also for the first time provides a glimpse into the transition many Paras make when they eventually leave the regiment and join the secretive private security industry known as the ‘Circuit’ and truly captures the unique ‘esprit de corps’ of the Parachute Regiment and the men who serve within it.

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